Office rental at Espace Grande Allée

Office rental for long or short-term at Espace Grande Allée has many advantages, whether you work alone or with your team.

Why Short-Term Office rental?

You don’t necessarily want to commit to a long-term lease just because you need an office space. If your business requirements evolve, you could always select the option that works best for you, such as a long-term lease or a larger space rental at Espace Grande Allée.

Leasing short-term offers flexibility that a long-term agreement doesn’t. With a short-term lease, you have no obligation that keeps you locked in a space which is not right for you anymore.

You wouldn’t have to worry about additioninal administrative fees as they, and most of the amenities provided at Espace Grande Allée, are included in the short-term lease. A shot-term lease with Espace Grande Allée gives you access to fully-furnished and prestigious offices. Buying office furniture can be pricey and is an expense that could be to be avoided thus lowering your expenses. When you rent a short-term office at Espace Grande Allée, everything is installed and prepared for you to start working on your project. You’ll not only save money on unnecessary expenses, but time.

Finally, leasing an office at Espace Grande Allée allows you to take advantage of a range of specialized services that are specifically tailored to your needs.


Renting an Office: A Networking-Friendly Initiative

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As a professional, you’re likely aware of the benefits of networking. Networking can foster collaborations that can be encouraging and lucrative for the growth of your business.

Information sharing, partnerships, and teamwork can develop and influence how your business grows. Therefore, there are numerous ways in which renting an office space can be profitable. Our coworking spaces and meeting rooms are tailored to your business’s requirements and promote teamwork that leads to future success stories.

Renting an Office at Espace Grande Allée

Leasing an office at Espace Grande Allée means enjoying a range of services perfectly adapted to your business, including:

  • A printing service (50 copies per month)
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Contemporary furniture
  • Coffee (for renters and their clients)
  • Access to a break room and kitchen

If you run a business or are a freelancer looking for office space to rent, Espace Grande Allée offers its tenants soundproof private offices, ensuring all the desired privacy and confidentiality among colleagues.

Renting an office at Espace Grande Allée gives you access to stylish, modern furnishings in the charming Old Quebec City setting—the perfect setting for hosting business meetings and expanding your company.

Short-Term Office Rental at Espace Grande Allée

Our integrated app allows us to provide a turnkey service. You can book your own accommodations using this app. Additionally, our app enables you to unlock the doors with your phone, maximizing your independence and autonomy while using our facilities.

Do you want to ensure your business’s presence in the heart of Old Quebec City without leasing an office? Choose to rent a mailbox at Espace Grande Allée and use our address to manage your mail.

You can have an official address in Quebec City even if your business is not here!

Office rental
Office rental