Virtual Office and Domiciliation

The idea of a traditional physical location usually comes to mind when thinking about renting office space. While email and text messages are the most common form of communication these days, receiving physical mail is still necessary for businesses. If you run a small business and want to keep your personal and professional lives separate, a virtual office or domiciliation may be the best cost-friendly option for you.

Virtual Office and Domiciliation: The Advantages


You can associate your business to our location and get a formal postal address by renting a virtual office and domiciliation with Espace Grande Allée. Your clients can find your business address online and contact you using it.

You'll be able to benefit from the status that comes with having an official address in Quebec City, on the prestigious Grande Allée. When searching online, potential customers won't overlook this.

As a result, you can benefit from the renowned reputation that comes with having a location in this well-known Quebec City neighbourhood without having to pay for an unused workspace office. You can promote your company and its services much more easily with a virtual office and domiciliation of your business!


By setting up a virtual office and domiciliation of your business, you can accept packages and mail from private businesses that may occasionally be delivered by different carriers with more flexibility.

A mail forwarding service will enable you to continue receiving the packages and other documents you require for work even if you are in another city. Mailbox rental is a useful advantage. By choosing to domiciliate your business with Espace Grande Allée and rent a virtual office, you can avoid wasting time and causing unneeded delays to receive mail.


If you ever move, the need to change your address is another major inconvenience that can be avoided with a virtual office and domiciliation of your business.

Even if you're working from home and your home address changes, your company will still have the same location. There will be no need to notify all of your clients of this change or to reroute your mail as your business address will stay the same.